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Studies show that the longer a home sits on the market the lower the offer will be when the seller does receive an offer. That is why you really need to do everything you can to make buyers fall in love with your home once it’s listed. The best thing to do is to form a clear plan of action and execute each step to make sure that nothing gets overlooked.

Below is a “big picture” overview of the most important steps to take to get buyers to fall in love with your house before they ever see it in person. Home buyers are often highly emotional shoppers. It’s important to grab their attention immediately. If a buyer falls in love with your house before seeing it in person they are much more likely to become emotionally attached when they view it in person. Emotions cause buyers to feel a sense of urgency and excitement which in turn encourages them to submit a strong offer to increase the likelihood of their offer being accepted.

#1 Properly “Restore” Your HomeProperly "Restore" Your Home

The #1 thing that we see keeping many houses from selling is the overall condition of the house/property. Remove excess belongings and furniture. Clean & paint. Sometimes it is necessary to remodel certain rooms and add new flooring. The key component is making your home as clean, neat & tidy as possible prior to the photographer arriving at your house for photos (we pay for professional photos as part of our listing/marketing package.... We also pay a professional stager if that is deemed necessary)

#2 Minimize Your Presence in the HomeMinimize Your Presence in the Home

It’s important to minimize your presence in the home to maximize interest online. Buyers have a hard time visualizing themselves in a home if it is covered in someone else's stuff. If you can get all of your personal belongings off of the bookshelves, walls and exposed areas it will dramatically help buyers emotionally attach to your home and fall in love with it even before seeing it in person.

#3 Study & Beat The Competition OnlineStudy & Beat The Competition Online

There is no better way to know how well your home is going to do than to study the local market. Pretend that you are a buyer looking for a home in the price range, size and area of your house. This will give you a solid indication of what your competition is like and help you determine the best price and condition that your home should be in to properly compete. Pricing a home too high is the most common mistake homes sellers make. 

#4 Market The Most Unique FeaturesHire The Linda & Ryan Lowe Team For The Marketing & Sale Of Your Home!

Allow us with our combined 80 years experience to best serve you as we walk you through the home selling process and help you accomplish your goals.